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I picked up Mark in Recoleta neighborhood. Mark seems to be a very nice guy. As soon as we started the tour I felt that we were going to have a great day together and I was not wrong!

We started the tour near the Four Season Hotel where the guitarist of the Rolling Stones stayed yesterday in Buenos Aires. We can see a tv channel waiting outside of the palace. All the fans already leaved the street and everything seems to be calm. The hotel, indeed, is a palace that used to belong to an aristocratic family surname Alzaga-Unzue. Then we saw the embassy of Brasil & France, the jockey club and all the palaces from the avenue Alvear. All of them are related to the history of Argentina.

Mark speaks a lot and I like that! He speaks even more than me and I am the tour guide (and unstoppable talker)! He told me about his family and where he borned 🇬🇧!

VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos Aires - Palaces
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos Aires - Palaces
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos Aires - Palaces

So, we talk while we go to the Pilar church and the Recoleta Cemetery. In the middle of the tour, in the cemetery, Mark recieved a call and meanwhile he speaks I spend time taking pictures of some of the tumbs. The day is warm! But we resisted well. Mark was very interested in San Telmo neighborhood. So, we took the bus number 59 and we move to that direction. But after reaching San Telmo we have other stops. We get off the bus in the 9 of july Avenue in front of the Theater Colon and next to the Obelisk.

We walk in San Nicolas neighborhood well known in Argentina as “Microcentro” (little center). This is the financial district of our country and I guide Mark to the Cathedral, the Pink House and May Square.

VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 72
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 21

A thing you to do in Buenos Aires, at Sundays, is a visit to the antique market of San Telmo. Despite today is Saturday we decided to go to San Telmo anyway as Mark read a lot about the place and was really interested in learn more.

I was really starving and I knew a very good place where we can eat extraordinary food for a reasonable price. Mark was happy with that idea!

The restaurant is near one of the most historical squares in all Argentina. We are talking about the Dorrego square.  In the Independence of Argentina, near 1810 Porteños signed in that square a Paper where the say that they wanted to be free.

Talking with Mark is super interesting. He told me about a lot about his life, his kids (Spectacularly beautiful sons) and his work. Mark seems to be a talent guy and very special. He is a Tea taster and he knows a lot of the tea business in the world.

And this is the reason why I love my work: we planed only to stay one hour in the restaurant but as the talking went better, time runs fast and finally we were there, at least, for about two hours and a half.

VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 04
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 22
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 03
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 86

We invited Justin to join the tour. Who is Justin? Justin is a guy from New Zealand and he wanted to see La Boca neighborhood. That  was the next point of our tour. As soon as we finish our coffee, the three of us took a taxi to that colorful neighborhood. That’s where I explained Mark and Justin all about the secrets of tango.

Finally, we took a bus to the Tortoni coffee shop. And after that we went to see the Ateneo bookshop. Thats where we finish the tour. At almost 19:30.

As Mark and Justin wanted more fun I recommended them to go to the Million bar. I had to say goodbye (for now) to them since I had at 8 p.m a dinner with my father.

I want to thank Mark And Justin for sharing the day with me in Buenos Aires. I really enjoyed and I hope to see them soon. I know for sure that this is only the beginning of a new friendship.

VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos Aires - La Boca
VIP TOURS BA - Experiences in Buenos AIres 08