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I picked up Carmen and Rheal near the obelisk where they stayed in the hotel. Both of them come from Canada! The first thing I though was! CANADA… Again? Yes please!. Is true what they say about them! They are so nice, educated, lovely and open people. They must be proud of their reputation and maintain it. I am proud of them! They should be too!

So… we started the tour in the Obelisk walking all the way though Diagonal Norte direction: May Square. We walked and we saw Florida street! But before reaching there (only 4 blocks from the hotel), Carmen already has photograph a lots of facade of buildings. She loved the arquitecture, the doors and the details of the buildings. Immediately I realize of her interest in that so i keep pointing to all of the nice buildings we had in the area. Is nice to have someone like Carmen in the tour as not many people stand up and admire the beauty of a building for a while.

Then, we went to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. Both of them enjoyed the peaceful Cathedral. Rheal wanted to sit for a while to rest and see meanwhile that great place. We were lucky enough to see the “Granaderos” (Soldiers) opening the memorial of the General San Martin. San Martin was an incredible man and maybe the most important person of the history of South America.

In the memorial I explained them all of the history of San Martin. Carmen is very curious and she ask me things about the altar of the Cathedral. There was a special cross that I didn’t knew what it was. (After researching I realize that it was the cross that means, in the cathedral, the Arbishop does mass)


After the visit to the cathedral we went to see the first monument of Argentina, the Pink House, The Cabildo and all the important buildings near the area. Carmen keeps doing a fantastic job with the camera. She keeps shooting pictures here and there! Rheal and I waited patiently for her! (But we can wait till the end of times for her! Or aren’t we, Rheal?)

We finished there and we took a taxi to La Boca. As soon as we arrived, we sat in a restaurant, in the entrance of La Boca. Summer is extra warm! We need to rest in the shade and drink something! So we talk about La Boca and life.

Rheal is a lawyer! I would not like to see him in the court, but only if he is at my side.  You can tell that he is clever, educated, unselfish, caring and a real shark! (we would say in Argentina that it means a super tough lawyer). Well, that is my impression, but mostly he showed a beautiful heart.

Once again… I am so lucky to have this people, in Buenos Aires, sharing their life and days with me. We really connected and thats one of the beauties of my job.

In La Boca we saw Caminito Street were Carmen bought a painting, the Conventillos, the Colorful Neighborhood, The Artist in the street and we could breath the essence of tango in every corner.

We finished our visit in La Boca as we were already hungry and they wanted to try some Argentinian meat.

Despite you can find some nice restaurants in La Boca, we decided to go to Puerto Madero. The taxi leave us in front of the restaurant

The warmer the day gets! the better the conversation is! We got inside and I asked for a nice table with nice views to the river and the docks.

After we sat, we tried all types of meat. It seems that both of them enjoyed the “Bife de Chorizo”. Rheal is crazy in love with Carmen… Carmen?… forget about it…I mean… with Argentinean wine.. (Sorry Carmen! hahaha anyway for sure he is more than crazy in love with you) Rheal really loved the Argentinian wines! We tried one Red wine for the meal and we opened a Rose wine for the desert. After a great meal, we leaved the restaurant. All of us are already tired as the sun was really shining and the day was very hot. So we did our last effort and we took a taxi to see the rest of Puerto Madero. We saw the Woman Bridge, the skyscrapers, the Holland Square and much more. Carmen and Rheal rest a little bit in a bench in front of the Belgium and Holland Embassy. We walked a little bit more and we took a taxi to the hotel. In the hotel we say goodbye. The tour finished! It was a great day for all of us. I am going to see Carmen and Rheal in 48 hs. It Is not the last goodbye.

Here you can find more pictures of the day… isn’t this city beautiful? We saw a gondola with a guy asking his love to be his wife… happily she accepted! what are the chances to see that in a tour?

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