<h1 style="text-align: center;">Buenos Aires Secrets </h1><p style="text-align: center;"> </p><p style="text-align: center;"><a style="color: #ffffff;" href="https://viptoursba.com/tours/">Our Tours</a></p>
<h1 style="text-align: center;"><strong>VIP TOURS BA</strong></h1><h2 style="text-align: center;"><strong>EXPERIENCES IN BUENOS AIRES</strong></h2><h4 style="text-align: justify;"> </h4><h4>Today it is February 17. I would like to introduce you this wonderful group that today are visiting us from the United States. </h4><h4>I introduce you this group that is formed by Paz, Rose, Eliane, Jocelyn, Evangeline and Marcial.</h4><h4>It is morning and we have a lot of clouds in the sky and the city seems to be really busy. It looks like a September day than a summer day.</h4><h4>So, I started the day picking up the group in the port of Buenos Aires. They just arrived from the cruise-ship Lafayette! An excellent cruise-ship that are always traveling all through south america and they usually stop at Buenos Aires. </h4><h4>So, we leaved the port and we went to the main historical square (May Square). We visit, first, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. In a corner of the cathedral you can find a legend that says: "say hello to the rest of San Martin &amp; the unknown soldier that fought for out independence ". So thats what we did. I explained some things of the cathedral and we admired the venetian floor, the marble of different colors and the gold-lifts. </h4><h4>We walked to the middle of the cathedral and we went right, to see San Martin Memorial. Two guards were protecting the body of our national hero as always! </h4>
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<h4>We took some pictures inside and we leave the cathedral. In the May Square there are a lot of secrets to tell. For example: it was the place of the declaration of our independence,  Evita did that famous speech in the pink house, is about the invasions of the British, about mothers of plaza de mayo. about bombs? Well there are plenty of stories to tell and I wanted to keep the attention of the group as much as I can. Anyway I felt all day that,during the tour, the group were really interested in what I was talking. Indeed, they want me to speak all the time! Probably they are not listening any of the stories and they want only to hear my sexy voice! 😂. In any case! I love to speak and they love to listen! I have the best audience with me!</h4><h4>So it took some pictures of the Pink house and then we went to see the Bicentenario Museum. I love to visit that museum because is a great place where to explain the history of Argentina and Buenos Aires in a very short way with videos and examples. </h4><h4>We finished there and we took the Van to go all through San Telmo, then we cross 9 of July avenue and we saw the Congress. From there we went to see La Boca, place of tango. As soon as we get there, the ladies went to shopping and they start buying all kind of gifts! I was not sure if I was a tour guide or the personal shopper! (We had a lot of fun! And they asked me all types of question!) "Sebastian... do you think that this look good on me? Are those earrings matching with the neckless? Is this leather good Sebastian!?" I though in that moment! I should work in the fashion industry too! I am good at it!</h4>












Well, the ladies wanted to shop more and more! And Marcial and I waited patiently for them. 😜

After buying in the shops we went to see caminito, we took some pics, and I explained them the history of the place. 

But, our stomachs were empty and I recommended them to go to a nice restaurant in Puerto Madero. It was already 13:00, the sun was shining and we felt the heat in our heads! So we got inside of the restaurant and I show them, the very best cuts of the “asado argentino” (Argentinian Barbecue). Gladly they tried everything I put in the table. Marcial loved the morcilla and the chorizo. And the ladies loved the “tira de asado”. Then we continue the meal with more meat, I make them try the famous Bife de chorizo! (They liked it but was not their favorite). After, we order the traditional deserts! panqueque, flan, boudin de pan and Almendrado! All of course with dulce de leche!. All was fantastic.

We had an excellent meal together, with a lots of nice stories! fun and laughts. As they are Americans but also from filipinas I knew Charisse (the singer) and we start talking of how much we like her as she is a very talented artist. 













<h4>After an hour of laughs, good meal, deserts and Malbec wine too, we walked to the woman bridge, we saw the Netherlands square. We saw the skyscrapers and then the south coast of city, with the wonderful Nereidas monument of the Argentinean artist Lola Mora. As we were really tired we decided to see the city inside of the van.  Now they understand the size of the city. So we went to see Palermo gardens, the planetarium, then Nuñez where we saw the monumental stadium, the university city, the north coast of the city, the airport, the fishing club and much more! It was 5 p.m. and we get into the cemetery Recoleta. Everyone were tired. So we did a fast walking through the cemetery were I explained them all the secrets of the important tombs. They really enjoyed the visit.</h4><h4>One thing that makes me happy, Is when people is curious. It means that they want to learn more and they are interested in what you show. Well they ask all the right questions overtime even before I start speaking.   Clever questions that i usually respond during the speeching of the tour. So, it was great to see them so interested in our history.</h4><h4>We ended the visit at the cemetery and we did a last stop in the bookshop Ateneo. This one is considerer one the most beautiful bookstores in the world. All of them really enjoyed the last visit. After we saw in the Van the biggest palace of the city in plaza San Martin and it was already the time to say goodbye in the port!</h4><h4>We had an awesome day together!</h4><h4>I want to thank Paz, Rose, Eliane, Jocelyn, Evangeline and Marcial for a fantastic day. I really enjoyed your company. You are an amazing group and I hope you will find more adventures in your trip and life! As well I really hope to see you soon here or in any part of the world. Please, feel free to write.</h4>
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