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<h3 style="text-align: center;">¿Do&nbsp;you want to know more about&nbsp;Buenos Aires? We tell you everything we know! Learn together about this fantastic city. A fun and relaxing way to enjoy&nbsp;Buenos Aires.&nbsp;<strong>VIP TOURS BA, experiences in Buenos Aires</strong>, share all the secrets with you.</h3>


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        <h1>Historias de Buenos Aires</h1>

        <h3>Libertador Building</h3>

<h4 style="text-align: justify;">When Agustín Pedro Justo (1932-1938) was the president in Argentina, it became necessary to build a Ministry of War headquarters due to the fast growth of the state. The architect Carlos Pibernat together with The Engineers Community designed the building. They projected a construction similar to the Ministry of Navy. It is a French style&nbsp;monumental building. It has a ground floor with high ceilings and 16 floors. The building, which construction began in 1938, was divided into two blocks, one faces to the East and the other to the West, 230 meters long. A central section links both parts and it has two inner courtyards that provide light and air to the offices. It had elevators and the communication systems was provided by Siemens (the Germany firm), a security system and an underground tunnel to get to the nearby Casa Rosada.</h4>

Different areas of the building were distributed such as library, archives, Army offices and their branches. Finally, the War Office was opened in April 1943 by President Ramon Castillo, when his War Minister was Pedro Pablo Ramirez, who overthrew him a few months later in the Revolution of the 43.

The building was named Libertador in 1950 (by General Peron), 100 years after the death of General Jose de San Martin, the father of our country, one of the America’s liberators, and in my opinion, the most important figure in American history together with Simon Bolivar.

On December 3rd, 1990, this building was occupied by the military, who performed the last of the military uprisings so far of Argentina history. Gustavo Breide and Mohamed Seineldin demanded among other things the no dismantling of the armed forces of the Nation. “God and Homeland” was the key word and the answer was “Death” to enter the building. The Carapintadas was the name of these soldiers. Of course, there were shootings in several places in the city and it was not the only building to be occupied. Other military buildings in Puerto Madero and Palermo also were involved in this tragic episode.

In 2015, this building appeared in the main headlines due to a fire caused by a defect in an elevator’s electric board. They had to evacuate the building and at least two fire crews managed to extinguish the fire.

If you are in downtown, it s very easy to recognize this building, it stands out. Huge, elegant, very well preserved and definitely french style are some of its main characteristics.

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