The pink house is where the president of our nation works. The color of the house is responsibility of the President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. There are two versions by which Sarmiento is believed to choose this color. The first story tell us that Sarmiento wanted to unify the colors of the two opposing parties of Argnetina. Then both parties would be represented in the presidential house. The white for the Unitarians and The red for the federal party. The fusion of this two colors give you the pink color. Another version saythat using bovine blood (red) and lime (white) you can protect the building from moisture or humidity (since the building was near the river). The pink house is located in Monserrat neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires.
The front facade give you the welcome from Plaza de Mayo and the back side face the Colon Square. It is a national historical monument. Inside of it, you can find the white hall, one of the most beautiful halls in Argentina, the blue hall, the hall of Argentine thinkers and writers of the bicentennial, the Eva Perón room, the Argentine scientists hall, the north hall, the South hall, the lounge of the native peoples and the hall of Martín Fierro. These rooms are in full modification due to the change produced in 2016 by the new representative of the Executive, engineer Mauricio Macri. The foreign Presidents or important people that visit the Rosada House do so by entering the Hall of Honor located on the ground floor of the palace where all the busts of the Argentine presidents who have been democratically elected are found. Is the protocol entrance.


It is interesting that, where today the pink house is, it was the Royal Fortress of Don Juan Baltasar of Austria. This fortress was built in 1594 in a hill next to the River Plate. With this construction was intended to defend the zone of the incessant attacks of the aborigines that fought to reconquer their land. The fort was demolished in 1850 to build the new custom or custom Taylor (surname of its architect).

In 1884 to 1890  the palace of the Post office is created in the north zone and a similar building to the south of this one. Both end up being united thanks to the architect Tambourini, who gives an harmonious and unified aspect. Already in later years they demolish part of the south zone of the building for the construction of the avenue. This is way, now a days, the building is not symmetrical. In fact, the south wing measures 17 meters less than the north wing.

Almost all the most important events for Buenos Aires and  the Nation have happened in this place or in its surroundings and for that reason, it is the place par excellence, to tell our visitors the history of Argentina.

The pink house is being modernized. Some forgotten areas will be renew it.  Some solar energy plates will supply the building with electricity. There will be also a green space on the terrace.

If you want to visit the interior of Casa Rosada you can do it on Saturdays and Sundays with a guided tour. In the Link you can reserve the time of your visit. But also you can leave this work to us and we not only take you to see the interior, but we are going to visit the neighborhood of Montserrat and San Telmo with a lot of anecdotes and stories to tell.

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A super recommendation: The White room is simply spectacular, if you have the time and you can, you must go to know it.


How it was the pink house long time ago? 

Prepare yourself  for virtual reality: 360 –  The pink house.