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Hello, probably you are reading this post because you were looking for information about Tigre. What is Tigre? Where is it? How do I reach there? Perhaps, you are planning a romantic weekend during your visit to Buenos Aires and you’ve hear about Tigre but you don’t know much about it. This is a short guide that will help you plan your day in Tigre, with or without a tour guide. Future links will give you more information about to the experiences with detail. Are you ready? Lets start. You are already traveling. Welcome to Buenos Aires, welcome to Tigre. All the secrets of a guide revealed. Enjoy.

The name of Tigre is given by the Tigers called “Yaguaretes” that inhabited the islands and used to attack the local people. Regarding the geography of the place, Tigre is a living delta formed by sedimentary waters from the Paraná River. At the beginning, Tigre was a port of contraband, a refuge for criminals who escaped from the city of Buenos Aires and hid in its islands, escaping from justice. Thanks to Acassuso (The founder of San Isidro district) this port of contraband was disrupted and finished. Tigre began to grow thanks to the port of fruits. This port is still open and many “porteños” buy there in the weekends. Its main products are citrus fruits, wicker craft and wood. Nowadays, it can be seen a continental area and many islands spread in 220 square kilometers. There are about 380000 people living in Tigre district. Today it is the Rowing National Capital and you can find at least 16 nautical clubs that offer a huge variety of water sports there. It is said that Tigre is the Venice of Buenos Aires, but it’s not a city. It is green, exuberant, beautiful, quiet, relaxing, and peculiar. It does not have large buildings but small houses that beautify the islands. Their peculiar way of life and culture are fascinating and there is not much in common with the Venice of Italy or any other place that I ever visited. If you come to Buenos Aires for holidays and you have some free time you should make it to Tigre.


On the first place, the ideal would be to establish a departure schedule. But to define a schedule it in necessary to define the activities you want to do There. Once you’ve done that, it should be considered the time you need to spend on the islands. All the experiences are incredible. The final result is always the same = Happiness. Therefore, whatever you choose, I guarantee that you will have a spectacular day. The excursions that I do have several modalities: Best experiences (in detailed below)

1 – Go by Train from Buenos Aires to Tigre, walk around the city, one hour of navigation in the Delta and back in one hour by boat from Tigre to Puerto Madero.

2 – Go by Van or Taxi from your hotel to Tigre, walk around the city, one hour of navigation in the Delta and back in one hour by boat from Tigre to Puerto Madero.

3 – Take a private car or van from the hotel and personalised visits in private navigation and return by car or van to your hotel.


We leave at 10:30 a.m. There is no need to wake up earlier unless you want to visit many things in Tigre. You could start at 9:30 a.m. You need to arrive at Retiro Train Station at approximately 11 a.m. You should know that the train takes one hour to reach to Tigre. One hour from Retiro Station (first stop) to Tigre Station (last stop). Please, you should verify that the train you are taking is the one that actually goes to Tigre. Usually it is the one that leaves from the right of all the platforms (verify that they have not changed the platforms). Right after the train departs, you will see the Villa 31 or new Barrio 31(the biggest slums of the city) and next to it, in the other side of railroad the area of Retiro and Recoleta. So, we have in one side of the train one of the most traditional and aristocratic neighborhoods and on the other side, one of the humblest neighborhoods. Once you arrive to Tigre you can walk around the center of the city. You can also choose to visit the port of fruits and/or the Tigre museum and/or walk along the river, have lunch in front of the river and enjoy a beautiful day with unique views. The walking could be hard. But you can take a taxi or a remis (kind of taxis) from the train station (or nearby) to the Museum of Tigre. Also you can walk from the Tigre Museum to the fruit port and from there to the ship. At 16:00 hours the boat will navigate the islands of the delta. The boat is big, so you will navigate the widest and/or deepest part of the river. It is also the most visited, touristic and traditional. As we are in the boat you can take the most beautiful pictures of your holidays. Also, It can be seen the green with the characteristic vegetation and the way of life of the islanders. After one hour of sailing across the Delta, The bout will take you straight to the city of Buenos Aires. During the return, you will be able to see the city as you have never seen it before, the entire north coast and the districts that border it. The views are stunning. For 45 minutes we will see every single neighborhood till the arrival at Puerto Madero at about 6:00 p.m.. This experience will make you understand one of aspects that even the people from Buenos Aires forget. That it is a Port City.


If you choose to go by car or Van, we recommend to stop in San Isidro to see the fantastic neogothic cathedral and the historical square with the flower clock. During the tour by car or van you can see the northern neighbourhoods of the city of Buenos Aires and also the northern districts. The highlight would be the district of Olivos (where you can see the presidential house) and San Isidro. Once we arrive at Tigre we can visit the center of the continental area, the historical fruit market and port and we can cross the bridge and go towards the Tigre Museum bordering the river. Private transportation will give us the opportunity to see more of Tigre without walking long distances. The walk has its charm but it can be hard. In any case, we can choose when to walk and when to use the transportation. My recommendation is to start this experience with a visit to the Tigre Museum, and then the Fruit Port where we can eat something fast and cheap. The port where the ship takes us to Puerto Madero is much closer to the Fruit port than to the Tigre Museum. If you want to have an excellent lunch and spend a little more, you can first visit the fruit port and then go by transport to one of my favorite restaurants (called Maria Lujan). Also you can have an ice cream in front of the restaurant and then visit the Tiger Museum. This will consume almost all of your time. Soon it will be 4:00 pm and the boat will leave the port in direction to Puerto Madero, with or without you … so try to be on time. (they usually wait about 5 to 10 minutes but it is not mandatory) Remember that the ship that departs at 4:00 pm and it sails across the Delta for an hour and then for another hour till it reaches the coast of Buenos Aires at Puerto Madero. Try to book the boat ticket in advance as sometimes you may find that the boat is full.


In this case, I recommend to do this tour with an expert, because what we do is a more complex. We pick you at your hotel. Then, transfer you from the hotel to Tigre with a stop in San Isidro. We take you to see the San Isidro cathedral and the square with its flower clock. During the tour by car or van, we are going to see the northern neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, as well the northern districts of the Greater Buenos Aires, like the district of Olivos, where we can see the presidential residence(the Olivos Residence) and San Isidro. Once we arrive at Tigre, the captain of our private boat will be waiting for us to take us to the most incredible places of Tigre. With a shallow draft boat we can get into the narrower and less touristic rivers. We can visit a wetland, or an Argentine ranch or a luxury lodge to rest. All the alternatives include lunch. We can also visit an open-air museum with indigenous flora and fauna, or visit a traditional Tigre house where they will receive us, taking care of every detail (lunch included). Furthermore, you will learn the tradition of Mate. For the youngest, we also recommend a visit to Isla del Este, with its beautiful artificial beaches and, if you are adventurous, you can practice some water sports. Any of these options are wonderful. Once the day is over in the Delta, we will take you back to your hotel in a private transfer.


It is possible to visit Tigre in many ways and all of them are entertaining. From now onwards it’s up to you to decide what to do with the information I granted and what’s the experience that suits you the most, regarding your budget, personal interest and the kind of activities and you want to do. You can also let us show you Tigre and make sure you’ll spend a unique and special day with us.

Experience 1 y 2

Experience 3 – East City